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​It's our objective to make customers for life! Driven by a sense of excellence, SURFACE BUFF offers a wide variety of services and supplies designed to keep your surfaces clean, healthy, beautiful and last longer. Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

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Why Choose Us?

Trust, reliability, integrity and talent are the words our clients have used when describing us and our work ethic. With years of experience and the dedication to our clients, we take pride in delivering nothing less than remarkable results. Let the quality contractors who aim to exceed expectations work for you. Our trained and certified technicians have the know-how and skill-set to deliver you the beauty and elegance of custom designed surfaces all while preserving and helping to reduce maintenance, it's time for beautification.

We only use natural true and proven methods and products that are designed to clean and maintain your surfaces that will keep them beautiful longer and reduce your cleaning efforts and costs. 

.SURFACE BUFF seeks to provide our clients with a seamless approach to resolving whatever clean and maintenance projects they may have. Dirt, grime, stains, etching, hard water stains, and sealant breakdown can all contribute to the degeneration of a surface. 

We can also restore your surfaces to like new condition.In today’s homes, owners, builders and designers are discovering countless creative applications for finishes. If your surface is properly maintained from the beginning, it will enhance the beauty and value of a home or business for many years to come.

One underlying principle drives all of our work… Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We will never bid low and cut corners – the result would be poor workmanship and an unhappy client. We quote honestly, according to what will serve you best. The result is professional, highest-quality work and service, and a completely satisfied client. When we complete a job, the stone not only reflects on your image; it reflects our standards and work ethic.Quality, not quantity...When it comes to your fine hard surface care, cheap and quick should not be in the equation. However, you can always count on a fair price for quality services.